About Us

We are a small team of web and graphic design profesionals, based in Torquay, specialising in building websites that are concise, clean and easy to use. We also have expertise in the ever-growing world of social media, managing the accounts of some of the worlds top celebrities and VIPs.

Our History

Our founder and chief designer started building websites in the early 90’s when the internet was an infant and most computers were still annoyingly slow, making fansites for his favorite artists. This went from a self-taught hobby to being part of the team at one of Birmingham’s biggest web design agencies. After a few years working 9-5 he decided to go freelance and built up a core team of clients, some of which are still with us to this day!

Our Achievements

We are honored and privileged that we have a core of big name clients that we have been working with for well almost 20 years, which is a definite proof of our expertise and ability to keep on top of this ever changing industry. We also of course have our new clients, who come to us for our exciting new ideas, and with the focus now being on social media we fulfill all our clients needs as our skills in this field  are second to none.
We believe that every company needs a web site, and social media are a useful tool to that should come secondary to there site.
We are also proud that we remain a small company in this world of ‘big fish’ and can offer a more personal service to our customers.

Our Vision

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Some of our works

Highlight Projects

Project Title First
Branding / Graphic
Project Title Second
Package / Video
Project Title Third
Video / Web Design
Project Title Fourth
Graphic / Video
Project Title Fifth
Package / Web
Project Title Sixth
Branding / Graphic